Regional Director of Human Resources & Training.
Louvre Hotels Group –MENA

Accredited Certified Trainer
Australian Qualification Framework Graduate.

Riad started his career back in 1977, graduated from Ecole Hôtelière – Beirut Lebanon majoring Hospitality Management. During the course of his schooling, he completed many programs within the Industry, in several Hotels and Restaurants.
Migrated to Australia in 1988 seeking further advancement in his career. His Passion and natural leadership directed him to continue studying, and completed Retail Management Diploma, Real Estate Diploma, and Training & Assessment Diploma in Sydney Australia.
With his exposed knowledge and experience of 39 years, and his vision to educate and teach, he completed 2 years of Training and Assessment Degree in 2007, topped with Human Resources aspects, and psychology.
Trained and educated more than 300 Retailers, 30 Retail stores, and Real estate Agents, in Sydney Australia.
Joined Flamingo Hospitality Management & Consulting, in October 2010, bringing along vast knowledge and experience worth, and educational background that allowed him to engage the Position His current Training’s portfolio exceeds 2500 Employees per year, across the MENA Region over seeing the Human Resources functions, Training and development, Accelerated Development programs, Individual Development Programs, Internships and Talents discovery and acquisition, while continue in developing himself religiously.
Completed General Manager’s course with Louvre Hotels Group’s “U” UNIVERSITY IN PARIS FRANCE. Riad continues delivering the highest quality of Training, and maintains the Human Resources arena.